About Olga Nikoza

Olga Nikoza is known Miami-based fashion designer. Her design focus is luxury resort wear, including sophisticated swimwear, coverups, dresses, jewelry, and accessories.

Her primary source of inspiration comes from nature. She likes to incorporate vibrant and dramatic colors that take on a life of their own and practically paint their own canvas. Florida’s tropical weather is a perfect environment from which to experiment. Olga is inspired by the ever-changing colors of the oceans, watching the sunsets and the always-blooming tropical flowers. Her inspiration is supplemented by observing and absorbing the multitude of people and cultures walking the streets of Miami.

The logo of her brand is the butterfly, which has a deeply personal meeting with the designer. To her, the butterfly represents freedom, elegance, and femininity. The upcoming collection is called Phalaenopsis. The collection was inspired by Orchids and “yes”, you guessed It, butterflies and vibrant South Florida colors. The name of her collection comes from the orchid of the same name which she recreates in her designs. You will discover lots of orchids across her designs, on her fabric prints as well as an accessory on her bathing suits. Her bathing suits are made with a very intricate 3D embroidery technique made to mimic the look of orchids. Each print in this collection is personally designed by Olga and has her signature on the fabric. If you are looking for something completely unique and elegant this collection is not to be missed!